Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a daunting task if you are ill prepared. Everyone talks about how lucky “old so & so” was because they sold their home in less than a week. Little do they realize that “old so & so” spent two months preparing to get their home sold. Remember-“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. --Seneca

Preparing your home can also lead to increasing the value of your home. Preparation can include anything from simple things to more elaborate things. Below are some things you should consider when preparing your home for selling.

A Note for “Fixer Upper” Folks

You may be the person who has more than five power tools in their garage (and good ones at that) for remodeling your home and doing projects, and you're not the kind of person to shy away from remodeling or painting. When you see a home with a few dings or a worn coat of paint, you can see right through it to what could be. Something that you should realize when selling your home, however, is that NOT EVERYONE THINKS THE SAME WAY YOU DO. And, it's the mindset of the prospective home buyer that is going to write you the check to buy your home. You should remove the fixer-upper hat (temporarily) and look at your home from the perspective of someone who wants to move in, arrange the furniture, and invite their friends over to see their new house – on the built-in barbecue unit on the porch.

First Impression

The first impression of a home is just like a first impression of a person-you only have one chance to make it! Unfortunately with a home, you have to make it over & over again.

Exterior: The “curb appeal” is the first impression when they drive up to the home. Many times a person mentally buys the home right then. Make sure the lawn looks nice, driveways & sidewalks are swept, home is freshly painted, screens & windows are cleaned and flower beds are weeded and plants with color are added. Close the garage door & pressure wash the driveway.

Interior: When the buyer walks in the front door, they will have another first impression. Make sure the home is de-cluttered. It sometimes pays to rent a storage unit to get the “stuff” out of the house & garage. The home may need a professional cleaning service to really give it a deep cleaning.

Professionals have the tools to steam/shampoo the carpets, deodorize/neutralize the odors, etc. “Smell” is also one of those “first impression” items. If the home is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom & smells nice, buyers think it has been lovingly maintained all along.

If you have the opportunity you should create some atmosphere by turning on all the lights, turning the thermostat to a comfortable setting, light some scented candles, play some quiet music if you have a sound system, get the pets out of the house and most importantly-vacate the premises!

Your home should look so good you should want to keep it!

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